Key Timber Knowledge:


Timber is a natural product that expands and contracts with temperature and humidity levels. Long after the tree has been cut, timber boards continue to swell and contract with environmental changes. Laminated timber panels should never be surrounded with a metal or brass edge as the movement in the timber will either break the metal band or crack the top. We strongly recommend using a veneer product for this application.


Tannin is a naturally occurring substance in timber that will leach the first few times it is exposed to water. Timbers such as Merbau have a particularly high degree of tannin leaching and are therefore not recommended by Identity Furniture. Tannin run-off can stain timber decking and paved areas that are light in colour. Objects left on the timber surfaces will also draw the tannin out creating surface marks. These types of staining issues are not covered by Identity Furniture’s warranty.

Timber Finishes:


Indoor timber furniture manufactured by Identity is supplied with a durable 2pac lacquered finish to protect the timber from the absorption of spilled liquids and soften the effects of humidity and temperature. Stains can also be applied prior to lacquer if required. Outdoor timbers are supplied with a commercial-grade outdoor oil finish and require routine maintenance to retain the finish.

Timber Care:


Regular care and maintenance will extend the life of timber finishes.

Indoor timber lacquered finishes are resistant to moderate heat and non-alcoholic beverages. Immediately wipe up alcohol spills with a damp cloth and buff with a soft dry cloth. Do not use harsh petroleum-based cleaners or abrasives which break down protective lacquers/paints. Do not expose indoor timber surfaces to excessive water or moisture. Outdoor timber products require routine maintenance.

We recommend applying a high-quality outdoor decking or furniture oil with a clean white rag, soft brush or applicator as per the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend a quarterly application routine for all commercial environments.

Furniture in harsher, warmer climates with greater exposure to the sun will require more maintenance. Untreated timber will naturally weather to a silvery-grey colour over time and may crack and warp depending on the species of the timber. Weathered timber will need to be carefully sanded back before applying an oil finish.