The Walrus Club | Regatta Hotel

Located in the lower levels of the Regatta Hotel, The Walrus Club is a speakeasy bar that provides an intriguing and inviting atmosphere. This hidden venue offers guests a unique experience, and Identity Furniture is proud to have contributed to its distinct ambiance.

Our partnership with The Walrus Club involved supplying custom-made furniture, designed to match the venue’s prohibition-era aesthetic. Our octogen-shaped tables with toughened glass tops demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovative design. These unique pieces add a refined touch to the space, while their strong build ensures durability.

In addition to this, we provided dark walnut stained tables that integrate smoothly with the vintage decor. Complemented by our comfortable and stylish Zero barstools, this combination highlights our dedication to high-quality, aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions.

At Identity Furniture, we pride ourselves on crafting pieces that meet functional needs while significantly contributing to the overall aesthetics of a space. The furniture we supplied to The Walrus Club perfectly embodies this mission—creating inviting atmospheres through excellent design.

Owned by Australian Venue Co