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Our European Furniture Brands.

We maintain strong relationships with European hospitality furniture brands such as Pedrali, Cantarutti, Laco, and many others.

What Factors Do We Consider While Choosing Our Brands?

The commercial hospitality environment is harsh on furniture. 

Frequent and high-volume use puts structural integrity at risk. Furniture from reputable European and Australian brands is proven to withstand the harsh hospitality environment and the test of time.

Our brands are carefully chosen based on the following criteria:

• Durability
• Brand Reputation
• Visual Aesthetic
• Commercial Standards.
• Sustainability

We also regularly test our furniture against The Pub Test™, our patented chair durability testing machine. 

Is It Possible To Source Other European Brands?

Yes, we can source brands and products not listed in our catalogue. 

European Hospitality Chairs