The Sun Hotel

Located in the heart of Townsville, Sun Hotel radiates warmth, embodying the spirit of genuine hospitality. With a mission to uplift every guest’s spirit, this venue captures the essence of joy and camaraderie. Their ethos is simple but impactful: surround yourself with good company in an upbeat environment, and happiness is sure to follow.

The recent refurbishment of Sun Hotel is a collaboration of art and precision. Open Projects Group, with their expertise in bespoke fitouts and a wealth of in-house resources, meticulously crafted the venue’s interiors. From custom joinery to efficient stainless steel fabrications, they ensured the venue’s design mirrored its mission of happiness and warmth.

Here at Identity Furniture, we were honored to contribute to this transformation. Providing furniture that matches Sun Hotel’s vivacious charm, we aimed for pieces that would complement the venue’s vibrant atmosphere and maintain its commitment to offering Townsville’s friendliest local pub experience.

Designed & Constructed by Open Projects Group