Kincumber Hotel

The Kincumber Hotel, refurbished and designed by Fabric Architecture, shows an example of harmony, modern design and community essence. This landmark, nestled in the heart of Kincumber, has been transformed into a contemporary space that retains its traditional charm.

In this elegant reinvention, Identity Furniture has skillfully contributed by designing bespoke furniture that aligns with Fabric Architecture’s innovative vision. The result is a sophisticated interior that seamlessly blends natural elements with a modern flair, creating inviting spaces for socializing and relaxation.

The redesign respects the hotel’s local heritage, infusing cultural elements into a fresh, modern context. Every detail, from artisanal furniture to thoughtful lighting, contributes to an atmosphere of refined comfort, making the Kincumber Hotel a destination of choice for both local patrons and visitors.

This project highlights Identity Furniture’s ability to collaborate effectively with architects, in this case, Fabric Architecture, to craft spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and welcoming.

Designed by Fabric Architecture