Sherwood Hotel MacArthur

The Sherwood Hotel MacArthur, a cherished community landmark, has undergone a remarkable transformation at the hands of Redwah Design and Curtain Architects. This renovation seamlessly blends the hotel’s historical essence with a modern industrial style, featuring exposed brick, steel accents, stained hardwood, satin black finishes, and tan and blue upholstery.

As guests step into the revamped hotel, they encounter a striking central bar, a spacious and welcoming bistro, and an impressive rooftop bar accommodating up to 120 guests. This redesign honors the hotel’s heritage while introducing a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic.

Celebrated by locals for retaining its traditional charm yet embracing a cleaner, more refined style, the Sherwood Hotel MacArthur’s refurbishment is a tribute to its past and a nod to contemporary design.

Identity Furniture is proud to have been a part of this transformation, helping with many of the chairs, tables, and custom tables of all shapes and designs.

Designed by Redwah Design

Photographed by Lucia B Creative