The Lakes Hotel

The Lakes Hotel has been welcoming local customers and tourists with open arms for over 80 years, first established in 1940. They have been inspired by the laidback lifestyle of The Entrance, as well as the beaches, bays, and waterways, and are all about enjoying the simple things in life.

The hotel has multiple sister venues which include Hotel Gosford, Hotel Jesmond, The Banjo Patterson Inn, and Jindabyne. As some of it’s sisters have been recently refurnished, it was time for The Lakes Hotel to take the spotlight, and who better to trust than the designers who have overseen the recent renovations at these venues.

Bergstrom Architects have taken inspiration from the region’s history, beloved beach culture and the existing art deco architecture of the venue, and have modernised it into a now casual and contemporary pub, while keeping the same familiar warmth of hospitality the venue has always shown.

Bergstrom Architects entrusted Identity Furniture to collaboratively design, build and deliver 340 custom pieces of furniture.

Designed by Bergstrom Architects

Photography courtesy of Isaac Tseng