Belmont 16s Sailing Club

Discover the newly reimagined Belmont 16s Sailing Club, a stunning waterfront destination that blends modern elegance with rich heritage. Located along the shores of Lake Macquarie, this iconic club offers a unique blend of contemporary design and classic sailing culture.

Collaborating with Altis Architecture, Identity Furniture has played a pivotal role in transforming the Belmont 16s Sailing Club into a breathtaking venue. The club’s refurbishment focuses on creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply rooted in comfort and functionality, reflecting the spirit of sailing and the natural beauty of its lakeside setting.

The furniture selection features clean lines and a nautical palette, complemented by a wide range of custom pieces that focus on practicality with style. From the elegant dining area to the relaxed outdoor spaces, every corner of the club has been thoughtfully curated to enhance the member experience, resulting in an inviting atmosphere and make each visit a memorable experience.

The club’s transformation is a testament to the collaborative vision of Altis Architecture and the designs by Identity Furniture, creating a space that not only honors its storied past but also sets a new standard for sailing clubs across Australia.

Designed by Altis Architecture

Photography courtesy of: BC Images, & Sophie Tyler Photography